Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warp speed

This year is picking up momentum mighty fast. Probably because I pushed all work/chores/errands from the last two weeks of 2012 into January. Also because, well because. Life.

On the agenda for the next few months:
  • A quick last-minute trip to Portland this weekend! Our friend made this brewery map, and we are going to crush it.
  • A New York trip for work at the end of January, which will involve a side trip to my parents' and hopefully some snow.
  • A trip to the French Alps to visit Ashley right after. (!)
  • A Beer Week event that I'm helping plan, coming up when I get back from France. More on that when we officially announce it.
  • A possible weekend in Cabo if I can figure out how to make the timing work, and if my self esteem will let me join two beautiful toned tanned ladies on the beach.
  • The GRE at the beginning of March. I'm starting to study the math section, and, as my 16 year old self would say every night over her homework: I really suck at math.
  • A biggie: a popup dinner and reading at Brick and Mortar on March 11. You heard it here first! (Maybe.) Mike and I are pulling it together as a launch party for Freemade SF, Mike's new ebook entreprise. It's an experiment in dinner-and-some-culture event planning. If it goes well, we'll keep it going, first serving a sit-down dinner and then a show by a local band, a movie screening, a reading, etc. We're hoping to charge as little as possible, just enough to cover costs, and to combine our favorite things to do; I love to cook and entertain, Mike loves to see live music. Boom! More on that as we figure out the details.
  • SXSW in March, as always, but as always it's exciting. We head to Austin the day after the Brick and Mortar event, which is slightly less than ideal, but I'm guessing by the time we're done with the event we'll be ready for some margaritas and music.
  • A Hawaii trip in May that I scared Mike into booking after having a meltdown over some expiring United miles. I called customer support three times before admitting defeat. "But they're miiiiine," I wailed, failing at being at once firm and polite. "You gave them to me, you can't take them baaaaaaaack." At one point, I could physically feel the hatred of the customer service rep on the other end of the line as she repeated, "Ma'am, there is absolutely. nothing. I. can. do". That kind of hatred is really humbling. But Hawaii, yay!
Can't wait for it all, man. Feeling very lucky.

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