Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodbye 2012

There's only a few weeks left in 2012, so it's time for a year-in-review list! Not of albums, or movies, or books, or anything coherent like that. Just of....things.
  • Best worth-it anxiety fest: planning the Russian River getaway.
  • Worst anxiety fest: Little Dude's brush with death via kidney failure. But he's a-ok now, despite turning his nose up at his ridiculously expensive prescription food.
  • Best surprise: Ian's timely tagalong on our trip to Austin.
  • Best health-be-damned decision making: drinking and tanning my way through the summer. I may have gained 10 pounds and given my future self skin cancer, but I had a fantastic time.
  • Best dance party: any of the late night ones in the kitchen that closed out our parties. DECEPTACON 4EVER.
  • Scariest moment: in between the terrifying screams of my neighbor that someone was trying to kill her and when the police arrived. She was fine, thank god, but the police had to deal with a crazed me, berobed, bangs a-flying, gesturing with the giant tub of peanut butter pretzels that I was stress eating while trying to figure out where the murder noises were coming from.
  • Scariest moment for my upstairs neighbors: when the police attempted to knock down their door after I told them that was the source of the screaming. Oops.
  • Most stressful work project: launching Magazines.
  • Most worth-it work project: launching Magazines.
  • Best/weirdest explanation given: That is Ezzie. She has licked all the hair off her butt. She is otherwise healthy, but is an extremely neurotic cat. She takes Prozac and allergy medicine, and now her fur is starting to grow back. Be careful when petting her, as she may give you beard burn.
  • Most disappointing realization: I will never ever be able to afford a house in San Francisco. Like, ever. Ok wait, maybe after the Big One hits and there is nothing but rubble. Someone will construct a rubble house and I will buy it with two strips of cat jerky and a book of matches.
  • Best $25 spent: free-shipping membership to Between family illnesses and happy events that we couldn't attend, free shipping for flowers got us lots and lots of points, and got our loved ones lots of bouquets.
  • Most unexpected nesting instinct: wanting to create Martha Stewart-like tablescapes. As neither a perfectionist nor someone with much of an aesthetic sense, I have no idea why I need to make everything look perfect when I entertain now, especially since everyone just gets drunk and it devolves (evolves?) into chaos.
  • Best party: I've got to go with Kirby Cove. On the rager front, Mike's birthday was pretty great too.
  • Bugs of the year: these spiders that create decoys, or these insects that spoon each other. Tossup.
  • Best source of hometown pride: the Giants. And the Niners. Holy hell, what a year for SF sports! And the rest of the country thinks we're liberal weenies. Pah.
  • Best brew: Rye IPA for Mike's birthday party. Was rounded and rich for a hoppy beer.
  • Most disappointing brew: Flemish Red. Wasn't sour enough for me; will have to go all out next time.
  • Best quickie trips: LA, time 1 and time 2
  • Weirdest body thing: the hair just back from my hairline has gone coarse and kinky (and not in the "Hey baby I want to #*&% your $%@!" kind of way). Is that an aging thing? Why oh why?
  • Favorite thing to do: have people over. Mi casa is su casa, errybody. See you in 2013!
Below is YouTube's year in review. Come on now, you know you want to get a little bit mushy.

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Mike G. said...

"two strips of cat jerky and a book of matches"--i knew those cats were going to make themselves worthwhile some day.