Thursday, September 27, 2012

Epic brunch

This past weekend we hosted a brunch party in honor of a visiting friend. Per usual the company was fantastic, and Beth and I really went overboard on the food this go round.
Laying out the table - note the gorgeous lemon braid
With the boozy french toast  )photo courtesy of Vanessa)
The menu included:
  • my mom's sausage breakfast casserole
  • asparagus and mushroom frittata
  • boozy french toast
  • cinnamon puffs
  • turkey sausage & bacon
  • smoked salmon on toast with creme fraiche and capers
  • watermelon feta salad
  • a braided lemon bread
  • cheddar leek muffins
  • bourbon banana bread
  • strawberries with sweet creme fraiche
  • fancy coffee
  • cold mint tea
  • a jug 'o mimosas with blackberries
The glorious spread

I made cascarones as a surprise. When prepping all the egg dishes I carefully broke the top of each eggshell and drained the egg, then rinsed and dried the shell. On Friday night I filled each shell with fruity pebbles and then glued tissue paper over the hole. Except for one - that one was filled with gold glitter. On Saturday a few friends hid the eggs around the garden and then everyone else searched for them. The game is to collect the eggs then smash them over people's heads. It doesn't hurt, and it's ridiculously satisfying. I haven't giggled like that in a long time. The one who gets hit with the golden cascaron got a trophy (bought at a friend's yardsale, it read "Good For You") and a bottle of whiskey.

Kristen got Beth with the golden cascaron
And it made her hair all kinds of glittery
Beth accepting her trophy 
The party turned into a long lazy afternoon

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