Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade Bagels

I'm on the tail end of a cold, one mild enough that I woke up each morning this week thinking I was almost better, but by about 4 p.m. my body was a phlegmy aching whingy pile of lead. As a result we're taking it easy this weekend, which today meant sleeping in late and then doing small projects around the house. Our #1 priority was making bagels, something that's been on my to do list since I found this recipe. They took a bit of time but were not at all difficult to make, and the results, my friends, were glorious.

Here are my lovely little dough balls, ready to be molded into their true shape.
I don't know why I thought that actually making the dough into bagels was going to be difficult, but it wasn't - you just work your finger into the middle of each dough ball while your boyfriend stands next to you giggling.
Each bagel got boiled for a few minutes - we boiled them longer to get a chewier bagel.
We weren't about to do an egg wash (I knew better than to try to get egg near Mike's bagels) so I just dunked a few of the bagels into a sesame seed-garlic salt mixture while they were still wet. The rest we left plain so as to "get to know the true essence of the bagel" (quoth Mike). Here they are just before going into the oven.
Holy hell, they came out of the oven looking like Real Bagels. There may have been clapping in Casa Brecki at this point.
Check out these beauties. (And I'm finally getting the hang of the aperture settings on my camera!)
"This is the best bagel I've ever had," says Mike.
Kids, listen to Mike and make these bagels. Or just come over and ask me to make them while they're still novel. I promise I'll oblige.

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Anonymous said...

oooh. bagels have been on my list too! with your encouragement, i may have to try it this weekend. i don't know why making bagels seems mysterious and really hard.... glad to hear it's not :)