Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No Chia for you

I just moved desks at work, from one side of a cube wall to the other. I am literally sitting two feet from where I was before, but everything is different. I'm closer to the printer, and hear it go off all the time, which I hate. I'm farther from the air conditioning vent, and no longer get a blast of cold air as soon as it turns on, which I like. There's a guy with a huge jug of water that he refills into a glass every few minutes. I call him Cleanse Man.

The topography of cubeland is, apparently, quite complex.

I also have to get used to a whole new set of voices that used to be mostly blocked to me. One aging fratboy (you know: fitted pink button down, dark jeans, ridiculously pointed shoes) is, apparently, the PC police - and I like it.

Generally Nice and Funny Gay Coworker Man: Remember, loose lips sink ships.
Frat Dad: Just so you know, the origin of that phrase was very offensive.
GNaFGCM: What? No.
Frat Dad: Yup. During World War II, it was used to remind people that their Japanese neighbors might inform on them to the enemy. It was supposed to spread paranoia and distrust. [Side note: I didn't realize it had this connotation, and I didn't find corroboration in a quick search online. But I believe in California, home of the internment camps, that could have been the case.]
GNaFGCM: I had no idea.
Frat Dad: It's ok, I'm not super sensitive or anything. Just thought you should know.
GNaFGCM: Well, I am sensitive to this stuff. I have a dog named Gypsy and I apologize all the time. I'd understand if people punched me in the face.
Frat Dad: Oh, and also your Obama Chia Pet. That's offensive too.


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