Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deep freaky fried

The NYT has an article with the idiotic headline "State-Fair Calories: Do They Really Count?" It contains gemlike sentences such as, "The streets at the Iowa State Fair are crowded with booths selling a wide variety of food, much of it served on sticks. The fascination with food on a stick is difficult to explain, but it usually means a 30 to 40 percent increase in sales."

The accompanying slideshow is magical, including a step by step tutorial of how fried butter is made. Ok so I'm not a big fried food fan, but I have definitely scarfed some fried Oreos on the Santa Cruz boardwalk and found them delicious. But fried butter? Blurgh.

My favorite part of the article was this image from the slideshow.
Caption: Ruth McCoy owns a concession stand that offers the only vegetarian corn dog at the fair.

Ha ha ha. Of course. 

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