Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wonderful thing of the day

Hello from London! It's chilly but great, though I did spend the day working. (Launched this!!!)

I received the email below from my former boss, who is a True Character. Its oddness made my day.

Subject line: Questions. Lots of questions.


I got questions. Lots of questions. Like as starters, how are you? How is your boyfriend and does he appreciate you? How is your dad and mom and are they enjoying their by now not so new house? Have you gotten a raise recently? Are you aware that we finally hired someone to step into your big shows? Are you aware that I can't type worth a damn? Do you ever come East and let publishers take you out to lunch or dinner? Are you still tall and comely?

Answer these, and any other questions that I should be asking but haven't (like, have you gotten a raise recently?)

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