Monday, November 28, 2011

A List

Of things from which I am currently deriving satisfaction. Because in my world, people are solid and good, but things are problematic. There are too many of them or too few of them (both of these apply to jordan almonds), they break, they're too expensive, they get lost. So when a Thing comes along that is solid and good like its human counterparts, I derive satisfaction.
  • My new bathrobe. It was expensive, but since I am so much colder than the average person (37% more cold, to be exact), it was worth it. Also I had a discount code.
  • This delicious-smelling body wash. Mike got it as a freebie from work, and I have almost used up the tube in a little over two weeks. I have started showering in the mornings rather than at night just because the citrus smell makes the beginning of my day so much better.
  • In a similar vein, Dr. Bronner's peppermint bar soap is badass. I came upon it when we were visiting Mike's brother and sister in law, and I loved how strong it is. It will wake your shit UP.
  • Cover Girl's Outlast all day whatever whatever lip stuff stays on for real. I put it on before a 30 mile bike ride on Saturday (yes, yes I did) and it stayed on through wind, through lunch, and through some epic snot. 
  • Our wall-mounted towel dryer, which is something like this one except ours wasn't $150. I say "dryer" instead of "warmer" because in our ground-floor no-sun apartment, towels never dry on their own, which means using a damp towel for the week until it gets laundered. Unacceptable. This device has changed my life.

I realize all these things have to do with warmth and vanity. So be it. I would rather be warm and vain than cold and...still vain.

Maybe one day soon I will make a list of things that I have managed to drop and spill and lose recently. Except that would make me sad, and I would use up all my free citrus body wash trying to make myself feel better.

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