Monday, November 28, 2011

I think I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel. How weenie is that? Very weenie. But it is also what I get for working for two weeks from Texas couches and armchairs in positions that would make an ergonomist faint. I also haven't used a mouse since I got my Mac three months ago, putting stress on my poor right thumb.

As a result, this past weekend was a very welcome break from typing (and work in general), and we made the most of it - if by "made the most" I mean - "engaged in a variety of healthy and unhealthy pursuits that brought us pleasure". We exercised, we ate, we got things done around the house, we drank beer. Thanksgiving was as lovely as always, we got out into the natures on our bikes and our feets, and we did a lot of cuddling on the couch with our cats, watching what I now know to be the Avengers series - Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man 2. The cat cuddling was the highlight though.

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