Thursday, July 21, 2011


I had such an interesting run yesterday! It was a short one around the neighborhood, but packed with action. I ran past a house on fire, as firefighters stormed in and smoke billowed from the roof and the top floor windows. The smoke followed me for blocks, so I veered south and ran into the Castro farmer's market, which had absolutely gorgeous bags of salad greens with nasturtium flowers scattered throughout. I would have taken a photo if I had not been so sweat-addled.

I then busted uphill and stumbled into Healthy Spirits, which is possibly the finest small beer store I 've seen. I awkwardly explained to the clerk that I am a beer nerd and couldn't believe I had never been in before, and he gave me a quick tour. All the beers I drank in Belgium: they had them. A local nano-brew that I need to get my hands on: they had it. All my future moneys: they have them.

All this is why I don't run in a gym.

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