Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dancing might be the best thing humans do. I wish I was a dancer. Coco, my elderly German BFF from Amanda and Joschi's wedding, thinks I should be a professional dancer. She repeatedly told me I have heart, which she demonstrated by poking me in the boob while saying, "You dance from there." She may have been right, because I definitely don't dance from my head, where presumably a sense of rhythm would be stored. I mostly dance like a crazy person.

Anyway. This video is rad, and lovely, and evocative. Thumb's up.

I discovered it on the Wellesley Underground blog, which you should read even if you did not go to Wellesley. It's run by former and current students, and it largely covers feminist news and commentary, with some inexplicable items like reader-submitted armpit photos thrown in. Also thumb's up. To the blog, not the armpits. It will give you a satisfying sense of rage that will hopefully make you take on current power structures within your daily life. At least, that is what I am hoping it will do for me.

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