Friday, September 10, 2010


Wednesday was Umbro's birthday, and I met her downtown for drinks. I never have a reason to go to the FiDi anymore, and it was a really nice change of pace. The bar was on a little alley, and I had just enough to drink that I became enamored of the local fire escapes.
We sat outside, and it was aaaalmost warm enough for me, though I had to ditch beer for red wine. I'd still like a bit of east coast summer, but I'll settle for a lack of chilly fog.
The birthday girl drank her way through the evening with style, flair and a surprising lack of slurring. And I got to ride my bike home in a dress, which always makes me feel like I have an exciting life. It is like, "Woo woo, you might be able to see my underwear but I don't care because I'm going FAST!" There's really no arguing with that.

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