Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you mad?

My mom Gchatted me before my cousin's wedding to tell me she had bought a dress that was the same color as mine. Our exchange is one of my favorite of all time.

Mom: jUST THOUGHT i'D GIVE YOU THE HEADS UP. i BOUGHT A BLUE DRESS. I refused to buy another black one. We'll look like Arnie and danny Devito from the TWINS MOVIE.
me: excellent
i am looking forward to that

Why on earth would I be mad? Especially since my brother came through with this gem.
I'm not going to stop asking people that for a very long time. Say it. "Are you mad for some raisin?" It's just a delight to say.

Mike picked up on the other nugget in that Gchat; Arnie and Danny. And lo and behold, look at what we have:
And, even better:
Many thanks to Mike, whose photoshop skills were invaluable in extending this joke into its third week.

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dethbakin said...

Everything in this post is just perfection.