Monday, January 4, 2010


I am totally addicted to Groupon. It has gotten me to do so many things I wouldn't otherwise -go to early morning boot camp, for example. Or get highlights in my hair.

Every day I get a Groupon email, alerting me to the deal of the day. Groupon works with businesses in a particular city (I get the SF email, obviously, but they're in about 60 cities) to provide discounts. You have to buy that day, and usually you have a year or so to use the Groupon. So for my highlights, I called the salon, told them I had a Groupon, and made an appointment. I had paid $50 to Groupon on the day that this particular offer was available, and in turn I got $120 worth of services from the salon. My highlights were $95, so I still have $25 to use at that salon. What a deal, huh?

I currently have a shit ton of Groupons, and I'm pumped to use them.
  • 2 tickets to a BATS improv show.
  • 3 suspension training classes.
  • a voucher for eyebrow threading. (I should note that I have weenie little eyebrows and I only wanted the threading Groupon to have someone confirm once and for all that I don't need to do anything with my eyebrows. Other girls may have their faces transformed by a good pluck, but I think that when your eyebrows are as thin as mine, no tweezers or wax are going to help.)
  • tooth whitening. I am most excited about this one - even though I'm not self conscious about my teeth (they are pretty standard off-white) I have an overwhelming desire for freakishly white teeth. And they shall soon be mine!
  • a flying trapeze class. I talked Mike into getting this one with me, so we are going to swing through the air with the greatest of ease together.
  • two whale watching tours.
  • two Bar Method classes.
  • a medical facial peel. This actually sounds a little scary, but the Yelp reviews were positive, so I'm just going to hope that they burn my face off in a good way.
  • fiddy dollars worth of food at Luna Park. I am really looking forward to spending this on mojitos, fondue and s'mores.
  • and I still have 9 boot camp classes left. Once my physical trainer gives me the OK, I am there.
Groupon, you are going to bankrupt me. But you have such good deals!

Oh, and Meesh just reminded me that I can refer people and get $10 in credit - so if you're going to sign up anyway, feel free to use my referral link: But only if you were going to do it anyway, see what I'm saying?


dethbakin said...

Wow, you are such a Groupon Junkie! That is so awesome! I belong to Groupon San Jose, but I haven't actually purchased any of them yet. This will change soon, I am sure.

I was also super tempted by a teeth-whitening offer, and I sort of regret not buying it. But I have faith that it will cycle through again -- there are only so many things to do in San Jose, after all.

GGB said...

I really love it. I should have noted that I bought these over the course of several months, but still. It's for serious.

dvm said...

groupon is my FAV!! there is also buywithme which is the same concept... i am embarrassed to list all the things i have purchases between the 2, but it is most excellent!