Monday, January 25, 2010

Corner store + CSA

Mike and I are looking to move to a new neighborhood, just to spice up our lives a bit. New bars, new neighbors, etc. There are many reasons that I will be sad to leave our current one, though, not least of which is that our corner store is also one of the best markets in the city. Green Earth has herbs, fruit, vegetables, wine, beer, fabulous hummus, great frozen hippie dinners, etc.

The only thing that would make it better would be even more hippie-ness. Which is exactly what this article says some USF students are aiming to do: make corner stores into CSA pickup points. (I guess not all USF undergrads are douchey - whodathunk?) It's a brilliant idea, because it makes CSA pickups more convenient, and drives foot traffic to the corner stores and further solidifies the bond between neighborhood and corner store. The powerful combination of two of my greatest loves - corner stores (which provide booze and a Cheers-like atmosphere) and farm-fresh produce (which I think I've probably blogged about more than enough already) might make my little heart explode with happiness.

Just as an aside, the connection between a neighborhood's residents and their corner store is, as I believe all San Franciscans know, a sacred bond. Is this true in other cities? Here, the corner store guys know when you are depressed (case in point, a roommate who spent several months living off frozen burritos that he did not heat up), they know when you have a UTI (increased cranberry juice consumption), they know when you are stoned or are in a relationship and have therefore lost all interest in your appearance (in both cases, off the charts Ben & Jerry's consumption). And they don't judge - they make the same small talk as always, and if you're lucky, they put your photo up above the cash register. It's a special thing, and I'm getting a little verklempt just thinking about it.


dethbakin said...

I miss Rami from the Transfer Market so much!!!! I also miss the amazing selection at Green Earth, but the old, slow guy never warmed up to me. Probably because I am too obviously impatient. Oh well.

GGB said...

After almost 3 years, the old dude at Green Earth now tells me to have a nice day. Big step. But his granddaughters are AWESOME. One time there were several po po amassed outside the corner store, all staring down at this dude sitting on the curb. He was nude as a bebbe, except for some very nice running sneakers. The po were just...monitoring the situation, I guess. Corner store granddaughters were laughing their asses off and monitoring the situation for everyone in the shop. "A cop just gave him a towel to sit on, everyone! He's no longer sitting right on our sidewalk with his bare butt! Uh oh, he's getting, the cop made him sit down again. Phew. Glad they're on it and don't have anything better to do."

They also kept me updated afterward - turned out the guy was just trying to buy a coffee at a shop down the street. In the nude. With running shoes.

It was fantastic.

dethbakin said...

Classic! Oh, how I miss San Francisco!