Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zombie Killer

Last night's hash was just nasty - we started at Potrero del Sol park and then ran through the industrial wastelands of Bayview. Aside from the usual suspect odors - urine and garbage, mostly - we also encountered the scent of cat food (there must have been a factory), rotting marshland, and something that smelled burny and cheesy and made me wheeze. That said, it got me into a part of the city I've never been to, and since I accidentally took the Eagle trail (as opposed to the Turkey trail, which is more appropriate for my fitness level) I got a nice long run in.

And! It turns out there is a big ass slide - bigger even than the Secret Slides - at a certain Youngblood-Coleman playground in Bayview. It is now on my List o' Future Fun.

The highlight of the night, though, was the Zombie Killer. At the end of the hash, when everyone sings dirty songs and people have to chug beers in front of the group for various crimes committed on the trail (stopping to pee, tripping, getting scared by roving packs of homeless men with shopping carts), a dude asked me if I was the girl who had asked about the Zombie Killer. I know how hashers work - this was obviously a setup - so I said no, absolutely not, and moved away quickly. But it was too late - I got called into the circle for a date with the Zombie Killer.

The ZK is a hard plastic tube that you are jeered into putting your arm into. You kneel, with your arm sticking straight out, hand dangling at the end of the tube, and a cup of beer is placed into your confused fingers. You must then, straight-armed, lift the beer up over your head and try to pour it into your mouth. The hashers were kind enough to warn me ahead of time to take off my jacket before the attempt, so only my running pants and tank top got soaked through with beer. Most of it went up my nose, actually, and almost none went into my mouth.

So that was the Zombie Killer. It was pretty fun, though I had to ask a friend to drive my car home because I didn't think there was a cop in the world who would believe me if I tried to explain that yes, I was covered in beer, but I hadn't actually swallowed any of it.

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