Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sydney in brief

Day 1: land early, head to work. View from the cafe.

Check into hotel, meet Liz Abbey for drinks and dinner.

Day 2: work, run in the Sydney hash, then dinner and lots of beer with the hashers.

Day 3: Mike arrives in the a.m.! Wander the harbor, stopping for adult beverages and food on a regular basis.

For dinner, the Night Noodle Market in Hyde Park. Delicious AND scenic.

Day 4: Bondi Beach for breakfast at Iceberg's (a swimming club/restaurant) and hanging out on the beach.

Climate change event on the steps of the Opera House. Mikey heaven.

Drinks and dinner with Liz and my Irish cousin Mairead who, coincidentally, is a nanny for the costume designer that won an Oscar for "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and wore a credit card dress to the ceremony.

Day 5: lazy day. Breakfast on Darling Harbor, exploration of the many malls of the Central Business District, then drinks at a hotel bar with an amazing view.

Day 6: rainy rainy. Tour of the Blue Mountains - thanks to an overbooked bus, we got upgraded to a semi-private tour with a biologist.

No poisonous-animal sightings = a win in my book. But we did see kangaroos!!!

Day 7: last day in Australia, boo. We only had the morning, so we took the ferry around the harbor and back.

The end.

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