Monday, August 10, 2009

Point Reyes

On Friday we bailed out of work a little early and drove up to Pt. Reyes to go backpacking. We hiked the 6 miles in to Wildcat Camp, which turned out to be gorgeous. There were only a few sites, and we had our own little bluff overlooking the ocean. And since it had been a short hike in, I had brought along some white wine (cougar juice, in fact - thanks Daniela).

The sunset was beautiful, and the moonrise was even better - we thought we were seeing the lights of the city behind the headlands, but then the almost-full moon broke the ridgeline and lit up the ocean and the tall grasses in the campsite. I think it might have been one of our best dates ever.

Saturday started off foggy, but that was ok because we had 8 miles to hoof.

By the time we got to Coast Camp it had cleared up, and we washed the dirt off our legs in the ocean and got some sun. There was an even better sunset than the previous night, and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.

It was a peaceful night until Mike D showed up at 11 p.m. after having ridden his bike 50 miles. And he had cold beer with him - tallboys no less! So I forgave him for scaring the crap out of us. Note to people: if you are going to try to get the attention of someone in a tent, particularly people who are not expecting you, your best bet is to identify yourself at the outset. And definitely don't whisper. This is the best way not to sound like a murderer.

Sunday we busted out the 6 miles back to the trailhead. I've been on too many gorgeous trails to count, but Woodward Valley is definitely up there on my list.

And then! And then! We drove to Pt. Reyes Station and had lunch at the Cowgirl Creamery! Oh my god I love Cowgirl cheese - their St. Pat's is my favorite cheese in the world.

We capped off the weekend with a show at Cafe du Nord (the second in 4 days), but I've tuckered myself out here, so I'm just going to leave it at that. Epic weekend!


Marthine Satris said...

Happy weekend! J'adore the triple creme everything at Cowgirl... and am extremely pleased that a couple cheese stores down here stock their wares!

MISS YURI said...

sounds AWESOME. will def. have to do the same thing with aurélien!

Leslie said...

why, oh why, did i leave california?? this is amazing, gen!

Michelle said...

d'oh! for some reason, i thought you'd be walking down to bass lake sunday (which I realized doesn't make sense as we drove down from sonoma on sat night). sounds awesome dude.