Thursday, August 6, 2009

It is a good week

Thanks to Texas last week, I have what passes for a tan when you are a Brennan. Thanks to See Jane Run in Noe Valley, I have running shoes that are actually appropriate for my stride. Thanks to my cousin visiting, I have tried out three restaurants in three neighborhoods: Weird Fish in the Mission, Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley, and Akiko's in the FiDi. Because of the coffee that I drank before my spin class on Tuesday, I was hyped up enough to whoop some cycling ass, and I figured out at Greenpeace climb night yesterday that if I go up the wall real fast, my fear of heights can't kick in until I'm at the top.

And finally: my backpacking flatware set arrived, just in time for our Pt. Reyes trip this weekend. Two plates, two bowls, two mugs, only 10 ounces. Isn't it beautiful?

Well, Mike might argue that cold cuts aren't the prettiest things. But the containers! Yes!

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bearfax said...

Oh my god my girlfriend has those camping plates and they're so awesome, when you're done with your food you can just lick them, or rub all the food off onto the ground until they're clean.