Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer weekend

You know how weekends can be full and lazy at the same time? That's how things have been going lately. It all started with Friday, a good indulgent day. I met a friend for lunch at Tacolicious, and there may have been a pitcher of strawberry margaritas involved. We walked around the sunny Mission, then I forced some Bi Rite salted caramel ice cream upon him, because it is required. I finished up work for the day at home, then another friend came over to drink some fizzy gin cocktails and help me prep food for an outing on Saturday. Thank you for your watermelon juicing skillz, Esme.
Friday night we went to watch the Giants get spanked by the Cubs. Ugh. I am so in love with that ballpark, though, that I didn't mind a loss, or nosebleed seats, or crazy high prices (well, that I do mind a little bit). Good company and strong drinks don't hurt. Hot tip: if you're ever at a Giants game, get the Ghirardelli ice cream sundae with extra hot fudge, no matter how foggy and chilly it is. 

Saturday we woke up early and headed up to the Russian River to float for a friend's birthday. We left our beloved kayak behind and rented one for convenience's sake, but never again. That sucker was a tub, and we will forevermore be loyal to our inflatable. 
Sun, redwood trees, river water, cupcakes, blueberry-peach bourbon handpies, leis, fresh watermelon margaritas topped with champagne...but it was a little bittersweet after our epic week on the river earlier in the month, just a few weeks ago but already coated in a patina of nostalgia. Remember when we made that giant ice cream sundae? Or when Teppi missed the pinata and fell down? And I literally laughed until I wet my pants a little? And the Swedes climbed the rafters? And we made meal after delicious meal?
As expected, on the way home we drove right into a fog bank over the Golden Gate Bridge. I pulled on a down jacket and we ventured to Duboce Park for a screening of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but it was a no go: too scary for me. We ordered Chinese and Japanese and I drank Timo and Ashby's vodka on ice. Saturday, you were correct.
Sunday we went to the Mission for Sunday Streets, then sat in blustery Dolores Park for hours with friends. There was cheese and cherries, and sniffing dogs, and a dancing robot. Home for a bit, then friends came over for fresh springs rolls and chile-nectarine smash and Chinese leftovers, and they brought an almond plum tart. When they left we just barely managed to clear the table before we drifted off to sleep on the couch. The weather may not scream dog days, but that doesn't mean we can't be lazy, right?

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