Friday, September 23, 2011


I have had a week of incompetence and ill luck. I've had commute fails on an epic scale (well, epic if you consider waiting on the curb for 45 minutes then getting stuck in 2 hours of traffic epic, and being trapped in a roasting airless bus on the return trip, which I do), I've spent over a week trying to write a self review for a promotion at work that doesn't make me sound like a jackass, I've dropped and chipped and burned all kinds of things, I've embarrassed myself multiple times, I've pissed off creatures great and small. And this morning I put Mike on a plane to Cairo, which has nothing to do with incompetence or ill luck, but does have its own frustrations. But I'm happy for him, really!
Anyway, I'm going to turn it around here. A few things I've enjoyed this week:
  • attending a super fancy startup party (with Beth and the mostess hostess above)
  • this article on a small-town pharmacist
  • discovering that a friend from college is undertaking a very cool world-exploring theater project
  • resisting the urge to buy oh so many thigns on this site
  • fixing my internet - with a friend's help - through methods technical and hacker-y
  • planning my Halloween costume (just you wait!)
  • wallowing in the lovely Indian summer weather
  • drinking out of a big glass boot with this lady, who generally does not look so sleepy (or enshadowed, but that is my camera's fault)

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