Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today the NYT has a story about a fashion photographer cum homesteader in Texas. Unlike the usual embarrassing Home section stories about 20 somethings who learn to farm and all that (cough cough), this dude sounds like the real deal, and the paper doesn't screw up the execution with attempts to make this sound like the Next Big Trend. Dude not only bought himself land in the desert and built a home, but the's also befriended a longhorn named Benita, constructed a bike-powered washing machine, and put together a flame thrower. A flame thrower!
The article links to his blog, which is an entertaining read. I don't really want to throw away everything I have and move to the desert, but I sort of do. I sort of really do. As long as I had company, and occasional access to really good food, I think I could pull it off. And to be near Terlingua, oh hamlet of the mellifluous name! We have friends of friends that own the Starlight Theatre, which Mr. Off the Grid mentions in a recent post. Terlingua, I'm coming for you.

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