Thursday, February 10, 2011

I do not need it

But I signed up for the Clymb anyway. Dudes, it's Gilt for outdoors stuff, and it is sweet. I scored this two-person sleeping bag as a present for Mike (and myself, right right) at 60% off.
Today I am eyeing a new bike helmet, and at some point some yoga pants are going to get bought - it's just going to happen. Even though I don't do yoga. Yoga pants are irresistible because they simultaneously speak of exercise and sloth. Tricksy.

I did, however, resent this all-too-accurate descriptor:
Cranial insults aside, since I usually know exactly what gear I need, and I do my research, I have a feeling that I won't go too overboard. So the Clymb and I will - aside from my resentment of its spelling - be very good friends.


dethbakin said...

I recently purchased my first pair of yoga pants. Since purchasing them, I have also gone to several yoga classes, but I have not yet worn the yoga pants to the yoga classes because I prefer using yoga pants as sloth pants. They are incredible sloth pants. I never, ever want to take them off. My love for them led me to purchase a "jeggings"-like item by Joe's that is like the yoga pants of regular-looking pants. I may never wear jeans again!

GGB said...

Jeggings seem like a disaster waiting to happen - as in, muffin top explosion time. But you like them? Send a link por favor.