Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missed connection

Today, once again, I received an email that was not intended for me. It was clearly meant for someone the author is interested in dating, and even though I have not been on the market for five years, I think I can safely say that the chick really lucked out in sending it to the wrong address.
Hi Gavin,

Sorry that I am only just getting back to you now after your message yesterday – I am not normally so unreliable – it has just been a ridiculously hectic week. On Wednesday afternoon we had a staff meeting and the principal announced the class allocations for next year. There were quite a few surprises and a lot of unhappy people so that ended up going on for hours and I got home quite late. I then had my grade presentation day yesterday and I had to give a speech – but I only started writing it at 10:30 on Wednesday night! I had another really late day at work yesterday and a late night because I had to do more work when I got home. Next week is not looking much better because I have to do a presentation for the staff that I need to work on. So basically I have had about four hours sleep every night this week and I am struggling to even stay awake. So, although I would love to catch up with you tonight, I really don’t think I will be in any state to. I look and feel exhausted and I would be terrible company at the moment. I would really prefer that you see me when I am at my best so we can just relax and get to know each other better. My life isn’t always this hectic – we just met at a very busy time for me.

I hope that when you get back from your holiday you will still want to meet up? How long are you going for?

I apologise if any parts of this e-mail are incoherent due to lack of sleep. I have to leave for work now so I hope you have a great trip and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Michelle said...

le sigh

Leslie said...

the way i feel after reading this email is the same way i felt after watching "the way we were"-- IRATE.

i mean, pull yourself together, woman!

and yes, a comparison to barbara streisand in that movie is an insult.

Timothy said...