Monday, July 12, 2010

Best birthday

Holy shnikeys what a weekend! Mike threw me a birthday party, and it was epic. Thinking that he had made no plans for Friday, I organized my own get together at Fly - which I refused to leave, even when all my friends insisted on heading back to my house. They got me there, though, and 30+ friends surprised me. It was incredibly excellent - there were streamers and baked goods and fancy beers and lots of hugs.

I believe there are others' photos and videos coming, but for now I have just a few, including one of the pinata that I got to wear as a hat.
And a late-night group photo.
On Saturday Mike whisked me away to Sonoma for the weekend, where we picnicked and tasted wine (including at Perry Mason's winery, oddly enough) and went to a brewery. We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast that fed us strawberry waffles, and watched the World Cup final at a precious Irish bar that made a great Bloody Mary. We went for a hike on Mt. Tam on the way home, picked up the ingredients for our next batch of beer, and then sat our butts on our couch to watch old episodes of Glee. Hallelujah!

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