Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update from Tom and Betty (aka Grilled Cheese)

Two weeks ago my parents got back from a three week trip to visit my brother in Australia. The next day they drove up to Boston to see me; we spent a night together in Boston, then they drove back to Pennsylvania. In short, they haven't had a ton of time lately to settle into their new house. But they have managed to get a few things done.

#1. Beekeeping.

Here is my aunt with the bees, which were delivered to my parents' property last week.
And here is my dad in his super awesome beekeeping outfit.
The man really loves honey, so I'm very happy for him. Have I mentioned in previous posts that my parents tapped their trees this winter and got maple syrup? And that neither of them actually likes maple syrup, because it's apparently too sweet? Crazytalk, I say - I'll take maple syrup over honey any day. Not that that means that I will be boycotting my parents' honey, because I will most certainly not.

#2. Tractor pull.

Apparently the annual tractor parade is the highlight of the social season for the town nearest my parents. It looks like fun.
And oh oh oh, this one is just amazing.
Revel in it.

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