Thursday, May 13, 2010

45 miles

I biked to work today! For the third year in a row.
And it was the best Bike to Work Day yet. Not too chilly, not too hot, some sun, some clouds, a reasonable headwind that didn't make it a chore.

And best of all, I felt speedy! I could have ridden even faster than I did, but I'm always afraid of winding up with a pack that I can't keep up with, losing them, and then losing the trail. As a result I did coast a bit, which is why it took about 3 hours to get to campus.

But I felt fantastic! Tightness in the shoulders by the last few miles, some numbness in the hands and feet (from the pressure on the handlebars and the pedals), but my legs were doing just fine. I felt like I could have ridden that distance all over again, though I definitely didn't want to.

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Leslie said...

YAY!! This is great! :)