Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And we shall never escape it

I am so dying to have access to Community access right now - some Dartmouth dude who is studying at Wellesley for the semester posted a hyper-misogynistic ant-Wellesley rant and it blew up in his face. Then again, now that I am an employed adult, it is probably best that I can't waste my time reading a flame war on Community.

One thing I noticed while scrolling through the comments on Jezebel: someone whose handle is Cimorene wrote "Oh man. I used to spend hours--hours!--posting on Community. Especially during finals. I also used to send messages to Community late at night when I got drunk. I cannot even imagine the shit storm this caused...Ohhh I miss my little Wellesley Womb right now."

Who who who? Who is that?

Also, I still think the Womb would have made the best mascot ever.