Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi, New York

Mike and I took a redeye that got in at 7 this morning. We rode NJ Transit into the city (Northeast Corridor line, what what) and grabbed breakfast at the Goog. I have spent the majority of the day either eating (a high school friend came for lunch) or playing with my bosses' children, who were bored out of their minds by Take Your Child To Work Day. 

Reason #884372 my dad is great: whenever I went to his office for TYCTWD, he called it quits for the day and took me to the Museum of Natural History or Central Park. At the time I thought he just didn't want me to know what he did all day, and in that I was kind of right - he just didn't want me to think that working at an insurance company is dull. Shocking.

Oh, also: I am caffeinated out of my mind, and my fingers are so twitchy that I cannot type for shit. Spellcheck, don't fail me now.

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