Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh my my

So, I was in Texas last week. And it was fantastic. And then we were home for an hour, and then we went out for Hartz's birthday. And then we drank margaritas with Dumbro. That is my last 10 days, in a nutshell.

Other things I did:
  • bought cowboy boots
  • went to the dentist
  • drank too much Lone Star
  • ate Tex Mex and barbecue
  • got a pet duck and fed it too much whiskey so it died
Wait! One of those is not true. And was ripped off The Wire. Ok, I am not capable of being coherent right now. So I will leave you with this: a newlywed couple's first dance, to a Regina Spektor cover of "Real Love". Can you even handle it?

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